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Research shows nutrient-dense foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables provide children with many essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and health.

How your child eats today will have a striking impact on her health throughout adolescence and adulthood. Consuming nutritious foods helps children grow, develop, do well academically and feel good about themselves

Meals & Snacks

We follow the USDA guidelines when planning our menus. Meals consist of the following nutritional requirements breakfast, grain, fruit or vegetables, milk. Lunch/ Dinner grain, meat, fruit or vegetable, milk. Snacks: Include one food from two of the food group’s example: Milk & Apple mealtimes are a social 

pleasurable experience for the children. Children are served and encouraged but never forced to try new foods. If your child has any allergies please let me know. We practice manners at childcare. We use thank you, please, you’re welcome and many more! All children join us at the table; learn proper seating and table manners. Children will help set tables and prepare the table and meal when possible. Children will also help clean up afterwards. Menus are given to parents and posted on the parents board monthly. The children enjoy eating there meals in a family style atmosphere where they learn good eating habits and manners. I provide baby food and infant cereal for infants. I am happy to be able to cook home cooked meals and snacks for the children with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I provide the following meals at the following times:

Breakfast: 7:00-8:00 AM    Lunch: 12:00-12:45 PM    A.M Snack: 9:30-10:00AM    P.M Snack: 3:45-4:10

Typical weeks menu below

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